journey of a software to your system

If you are window’s or mac’s user till the date and new to ubuntu or any linux based operating system, then read on, this may help you. In Windows when download a software from internet or from a CD, we get executable form of the program(software) and we run the executable installer to get the application on our system ready to use. But these are for closed programs which are mostly proprietary. Whereas in Ubuntu, which is an open source operating system and mostly we need open source software for our system. So to get a software for our system,
first we need to download its package from the internet which is a program and required libraries packaged nicely in some .deb file.
Next, repositories which are like database of operating system contains these packaged files.
Then, a tool, a package management system is used to for the installation of the software on your system ready to use.
Apt-get is a command line tool for downloading and installing packages.

Git vs Github, Confusion resolved :) Bad Luck :(