Git vs Github, Confusion resolved :)

Did you ever have a confusion between git and github? Like, Is git a software of a webite? Have you ever amazed at its features? If it is a website where you can upload your code so that other can view and contribute into it, then what is that, you installed before making an account in github? What are those commands that make you upload your new code, merge your existing code in master or other branches? All these questions sometimes becomes a big confusion.
Here I am gonna clarify each and everything.
Source code management tools: These tools helps the team of developers in many ways:

  • Collaboration: SCM tools prevent one user from accidentally overwriting the changes of another, allowing many developers to work on the same code.
  • History: SCM tools track the complete development history of the software, including the exact changes which have occurred between releases and who made those changes.
  • Release notes generation: Given the tracking of each change, the SCM can be used to generate notes for their software releases which accurately capture all of the changes included in the new release.
  • Documentation and test management: SCM tools can be used to manage not just software source code, but also test suites and documentation for their software.
  • Change notifications: To keep interested members of the team informed when changes occur to the source code.
  • We have many SCM tools like

  • Subversion
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Bazaar
  • CVS
  • As about mentioned, git is one of famous SCM tools. So it is a simply a software which need to install first before use.
    Now, lets talk about .
    I think this article can explain everything well and good in detail, that you should read to know how wonderful the github is. It is also a enough good to impress you to get started with it.

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