QScintilla Editor Development

Hello, Today we will develop our own editor using QScintilla. I hope you must have downloaded and installed it, if not, refer my last post. Before start developing, you must be familiar with the QScintilla Documentation. Also the QScintilla folder you have downloaded has complete documentation. Being in QScintilla main folder, type $firefox doc/html-Qt4Qt5/index.html and… Continue reading

QScintilla Editor Integration

QScintilla, What is this? QScintilla is a port to Qt of Neil Hodgson’s Scintilla C++ editor control. So QScintilla is a scintilla based editor that uses Qt functions to implement a good number of impressive features such as syntax highlighting, error indication, folding, code completion, breakpoints etc. QScintilla is available under the GNU GPL (v2… Continue reading

Editor interface

The next task in my proposal for GSOC was integrating an Editor into OpenSCAD. This integration of Editor is necessary, as it was observed that many users prefer external editors like notepad++ etc over legacy editor of OpenSCAD. These editors facilitates them with functionality like auto code completion, brace completion, syntax highlighting etc. A discussion… Continue reading