Effective code

Things are somewhat changed or I should say improved now. The Witty helped us a lot to improve our C++. As we all know after trying many languages like php, python, java etc, again the era of c++ is coming. So its really important for everyone to learn c++ if we want to become a real programmer. But just learning syntax and having knowledge of libraries is not what we call programming. After the C++ presentation of Inderpreet Singh, we all are familiar of the fact how much important is to write the code with efficiency. So first it’s important to know that what an efficient code mean. It can be defined in my many ways like a code which helps to save more memory, a code which is client friendly, a code which can be reusable. So today I started learning Effective C++. Under this, I am learning what should we use, where should we use and why should we use to make our program efficient which is a developer friendly, client friendly as well as compiler friendly. For this, I have to dig really deep. Started from basics and trying to understand the importance of every feature of C++. This thing really help in future coding.

Magic of extern A bad news :(