A bad news :(

Today we don’t go to TCC as it was busy for FEM (Finite Element Method), for solving engineering problems function and we were ordered to work at home. So for whole day I was in my room, worked on the project. Today I started reading Authentication, read different form views and also got to know about view classes. We found an example auth2 on wt github where customization of auth widget was done and then it was a time to understand that example and customize our auth widget too according to our use.
In the evening, I got a news through a facebook status that one of my classmates, Sarabjeet Singh left us :(. He met with an accident today while coming to college on bike. It was a very shocking news. His face was coming in front of my eyes again and again and it was really very hard to believe. 🙁 May God give peace to his soul and bless his parents.

Effective code Stupid me.