Enjoying work :)

That conversation with me, Shaina Sabarwal 😛 and that discussion with Inderpreet Singh helped me a lot. Thanks to both. 😛 😀
So my today’s problem was dividing the entire source code into number of files to improve its readability. This was a new and difficult task for me, as I never did this before. Everytime I made a program, I wrote the whole source code in one file no matter how long it is. So I was very excited for this task as it was giving me a feeling of writing code as professional developers. But it was a lot more difficult than I expected. I divided the code into 6 different files and the main challenge was to link them. Whole day I was solving errors and errors and again errors. But the difference is, this time I was enjoying solving them taking them as solving a puzzle having so many snakes and I have to make a way out of them to save my queen 😀 😛
It took my whole day, but I knew after solving this, I would learn a very important part of programming and this thing even encouraged me to do more. 🙂

A lot more to learn.... My witty team :)