Today Gaurav came to deposit his fee in college and there he called me to come to TCC so that we can work further on the project. It was not planned before, I wanted to work in my room silently, but I had to go to TCC then. As TCC seminar hall was occupied by FEM program. So we sat in TCC office in front of seminar hall. Already many were sitting there so it was not enough good environment for coding. So me and gaurav discussed about our problems, made a flowchart, also wrote steps to solve those problems.
After lunch, we tried to make some programs but were not able to do much. So I came back hostel and Gaurav went back to home.
Then I took a little nap and started understanding categories code that gaurav made and now the next task was to add auth widget in categories code or add categories in authWidget code, confused!
The plan for tomorrow was made then that was to go to Inderpreet‘s home for a coding session as he also put a mail in GD mailing list. I wish we work together tomorrow and complete major part of project.

Bad Luck :( Learn C++ before witty