Coding period begins

As the coding period started today, we (BRL-CAD GSOC students) got a mail from Sean to remind us about writing dev logs daily and other important things. Also I got the parcel having a beautiful diary with a printed GSOC’15 logo on it, a pen and a sticker. Such cute gifts always feel heavenly and play an important motivational role.

I sent a mail concluding what is done in community bonding period by me related to code to my mentors (Torsten Paul and Marius Kintel) and asked for further project discussion.

Soon I have discussion with Torsten Paul about different lexer generating tools that can be used for ScadLexer. I had doubt if these tools can be used with QScintilla library, but he clears it as these tools just generate the functions for lexing, where and how we use the output does not matter.

We talked about different tools like Ragel, flex, re2c and lexertl for using in scadlexer. But at the end, lexertl won because of one major point, that it is already included in the boost which Openscad has available on all platforms already. Also lexertl supports unicode which earlier in Openscad was done with a hack while using flex.

Responsive Designs Lexertl - a lexer generator