QScintilla Editor Integration

QScintilla, What is this?
QScintilla is a port to Qt of Neil Hodgson’s Scintilla C++ editor control.
So QScintilla is a scintilla based editor that uses Qt functions to implement a good number of impressive features such as syntax highlighting, error indication, folding, code completion, breakpoints etc. QScintilla is available under the GNU GPL (v2 and v3) and under a commercial license. The commercial license allows closed source applications using QScintilla to be developed and distributed. QScintilla supports Qtv3, Qtv4, and Qtv5.
The best part of QScintilla is its ability of easy integration into other applications. If you want to learn, how to do this, keep reading and enjoy 🙂


To download, I refer the download page of commercial website of QScintilla editor. Here, you can download a compressed file (zip or tar) of QScintilla according to your platform.


After downloading, unzip/untar the compressed file and open QScintilla folder and then go to Qt4Qt5 folder. If you are a unix user,

$cd QScintilla-gpl-2.8.1/Qt4Qt5
$qmake qscintilla.pro
$sudo make install

To be sure of installation, you can check your Qt folder in /usr/share has qsci folder in it.
For installation at other platforms, or if you find some problem in installation, refer this

After installation, come out of folder Qt4Qt5 and go to folder example-Qt4Qt5,

$cd ../example-Qt4Qt5

To build and run example

$qmake application.pro

This will show a QScintilla editor with minimal functionality. This example can also be referred for further development.

In your application in which the QScintilla editor is to be integrated, make sure the application is using the same Qt version as used to compile QScintilla.

QScintilla Editor Development Editor interface