Better Educate than force

Every thing has pros and cones, it’s better known by everyone. But how important is to know that which face of the coin is right for you is need to be educated. It was a generation which was forced on the name of superstition not to wash clothes on Thursday, instead of making them understand that they should have rest once a week. There are even many more, talking on which can cause controversy in hindu religion. Do we still need such forcing to understand what’s right and wrong for us. Why colleges prefer to block sites like of music, social networking, games, images hosting website? Today, facebook has a lot of technical pages, groups, news pages, advertisements. It’s one of the biggest source of information of your desired field. Which ever things you want to put in your daily reading or learning materials, you can like them to have in your news feed. You can even address a large number of people by just a famous page. Even the college use facebook to announce result of different placement interviews, and about different events of sports or tech-fests.
There is no doubt that facebook can also be a cause of time waste for students who are not enough serious about their career. But do the college faculty think, that blocking such sites make them spend more time in studies? Is this a right way to educate them? The real definition of education is to improve student’s state of mind. To guide them how to take right decisions in their life. How to observe different things and chose the best path. How to invest in helping others, work and live happily.
Blocking such sites can only teach students how to crack security at the most. Or the colleges wants students not to complain about poor wifi connections as they’re gonna use their own data packs and curse college wifi.
Students who used to waste time on facebook will get some other source for that. Skype, youtube, watsapp, hike, Instagram, Meetup are still unblocked. Even the college canteens are big source of time waste.
If the colleges really want to save us from side effects of social networking sites, they should have seminars, debates, group discussions, surveys which shows students how to make the best use of social networking sites for their career, studies and how long and when is it required to be away from these sites that would not affect their studies and save time.
In simple words, blocking is not a solution!
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