I wish I knew it before – Seeing without glasses

My father-in-law is a bibliophile. He has a tonne of books on health and fitness, religion, different cultures, homeopathy, Bach flowers and the list goes on. After my marriage, I came across all this bundle of knowledge and read a few of them. One of them which attracted me the first was Seeing without glasses… Continue reading

Being multilingual is bliss!

When I was kid, learning language in school was so tedious to me and to my friends. Understanding and implementing grammar rules, memorising vocabulary, clauses and proverbs was just a matter of getting good marks. We hardly could understand the importance of these grammar protocols, enriching vocabulary and learning language syntaxes. But after so long,… Continue reading

I introduced React-native

A couple of days ago, I got a chance to speak to final year students of CSE branch, GNDEC. The purpose of this seminar was that students before going to training should have enough knowledge about the upcoming technologies so that they can choose according to their interest. I really liked these arrangements made by… Continue reading

Flex and Bison – Lets use it!

For last few days, a topic is itching us and always come under great discussions with my friends and teachers that should we use tools, to generate lexers and parsers or write our own. As many large programming languages and softwares such as The Ruby programming language (YARV) The PHP programming language (Zend Parser) The… Continue reading