Present is a present

Like the pulse of our hearts, our lives are divided in positive and negative chapters. God has his own ways to put these chapters in an interesting order. After all, a director never wants his movie the boring one. I have lived those interesting chapters too, felt each and every moment deeply and even remember them vividly.

I can still recall my first presentation in GD (Great Developers) group in my college. Inderpreet (my teacher cum friend) made it a bit harder for me to reach at that dice making every step full of difficult tasks and errors 😀 .Of course everything was worth it and I love his teaching. Working with him ever in life was just a dream at that time.

Time passed, and my graduation ended. Even being my senior, Inderpreet got his degree on the same day, when I did. 😀

Sept 1,  2016 was my first day in Ishwerdas. After spending a number of odd days, finally I got in. Ishwerdas is there and works to improve the education system, which requires to be more interesting, practical and updated. Also we believe that, friendly relations between teachers and students make learning a lot easy and powerful at the same instance.

We started working at remote. I was at my home, in Amritsar and Inderpreet at his, in Samrala. Everything was working well, except that i was away from all of my friends. Most of my classmates are placed in different states of India. Inderpreet, Gaurav (Inderpreet’s brother) and their friends were in Ludhiana. My old schoolmates were also busy in their own lives. At last, I had no where to go. Just being inside the four walls of home and pretending to be fine was actually making me feel caged. I just wanted to breathe out, run and fly. Go far and feel the essence of nature. Feeling a need of trip, Inderpreet actually planned one to Shimla, but my father wasn’t so open minded to let me go. I tried to make him understand someway, that how much important is it for me, didn’t even talk to him for a long time, but at last, i couldn’t do anything and just made my self calm down.

But there is delay in God’s house not darkness. After few months Ishwerdas got an office for providing 6 weeks training to some polytechnic as well as Btech students. And it is actually like a dream comes true. Teaching was always the most fun thing for me. Being able to guide and solve the problems of students is actually an achievement in itself. This is my present in time, and a present for a life too. With teaching, I started learning, everything I ever wanted to learn. Things like Music, playing an instrument, Car driving, for which I waited for so long, actually came true. Thanks to all the people who contributed to make this true. Now, there is no day, I spent in my room wholly. Being able to learn productively increases my dopamine level and make me feel satisfied for life.

To God, Hats off to your directorship 😉

Thank you!





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