Being multilingual is bliss!

When I was kid, learning language in school was so tedious to me and to my friends. Understanding and implementing grammar rules, memorising vocabulary, clauses and proverbs was just a matter of getting good marks. We hardly could understand the importance of these grammar protocols, enriching vocabulary and learning language syntaxes.

But after so long, while I enjoy watching english movies, listening online lectures, reading imformative articles, chatting with friends, dealing with foreign clients online, I realized, how blissful it is to be multilingual.

Today, I can speak, read and write in three languages – Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Punjabi is my mother tongue. Being punjabi, my parents, grand parents and their relatives and friends talk with each other in punjabi. Today knowing other languages too, I can talk with my friends in other languages too, but to stay in touch with our cultures and folks, speaking and writing in punjabi is significant.

Hindi is the national language of India. It is spoken and understood by most of indians in India as well as in other countries. Monolingual people who know only their native language find it hard to conversate ourside their state. Colleges and universities, where people comes from different states having different native language wouldn’t be able to conversate or express themselves if they don’t know hindi. In my college, my roommate was from UP. Being able to conversate in hindi, we became good friends and shared our problems with each other.

English being international language is most popular and used over the world. It is obvious that to conversate with foreign people, we must know english. Today, world is interconnected. It is not difficult reach to extreme places of the world. Many travellers even visit a number of countries in a year. Social media even made it so easy to know different cultures and to share our own culture with rest of the world.

These were the basic significances of knowing multiple languages, but being multilingual is a lot more beneficial than just able to conversate with wide number of people.

* Learning a foreign language enhances our thinking capacity and we becomes better problem solver.
* Having a rich vocabulary increases the memory and also gives us more ways to say our mind. We’ll be able to solve our personal conflicts easily
* I have realized that multilingual people are more open to society and express their feeling easily.
* Multilingual people adapt change easily because they have already experienced a change in their native language.
* Multilingual people will have more job opportunities because they can deal and appreciate people from other countries.
* Knowing different languages and thus different cultures reduces racism and intolerace among people

So kids, don’t get tired, you are really investing your time learning languages.
Good luck.

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